We released Blocs 4.1 back in early February and impressed our users with a solid array of powerful new features and refinements, that made building ecommerce websites with Blocs, so much easier.

Today we are very excited to introduce Blocs 4.2, this release comes with some amazing new features we know the Blocs community are going to love!

Localisation 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇪🇸

Since its release way back in 2014, Blocs has only been available in English. It’s amazing to think even the language barrier didn’t stop many none English speaking users from creating websites with Blocs. Understanding code is very often the major…

We released Blocs 4 back in late November 2020 and wowed our users with a vast array of powerful new features and refinements, that took building websites on the Mac to a whole new level.

Many of our competitors would stop there, but not us! Our dedication and ambition to continue to push Blocs even further forward never ends 🚀

Today we are very excited to introduce Blocs 4.1, this release comes with a solid mix of great new features that enable Blocs users to do more, faster and easier.


The main headline features in Blocs 4.1 is the…

2019 has been an incredible year for Blocs, the app received rave reviews, including a perfect 5⭐rating by Mac Format. With every month that has past, Blocs and its community have grown from strength to strength. This year, we really feel, Blocs has become the best web design software for Mac.

Here is a breakdown of what we achieved this year!

150 New Features

That’s not a typo, we actually shipped 150 new features in 2019, that works out at roughly a new feature being added to Blocs every two and a half days. …

Blocs Friday — Deals For Blocs Users
Blocs Friday — Deals For Blocs Users

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us again, here is our round up of the top deals for Blocs users.


Blocs Website Builder (40% off)— Fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design software, that lets you create responsive websites without writing code.

Solis Designer Browser (40% off)— Solis for Mac is a Browser for developers and designers that integrates seamlessly with your favourite code editor.


Blocs Templates (30% off) — A huge collection of well designed pre-made Blocs templates.

Site Search (30% off) — Add search to the sites you create with Blocs.

Image Overlay Bric (30%…

Our mission for Blocs is simple, we want to make Blocs the best web design software for the Mac and with Blocs 3.4 we really feel we have taken a big step towards achieving that goal.

All New Asset Management

One of the most dramatic improvements to Blocs 3.4 is the flexibility it offers users regarding asset management. In the past Blocs has always linked to assets externally (either locally or on a server), which is great, but this workflow could cause some headaches when moving projects between Macs.

In Blocs 3.4 that is no longer a problem, as Blocs now supports the ability…

Back in 2014 while on holiday with family I came up with an idea for a simple little app for making single page websites. My initial eureka moment came early one morning when I was drinking tea and watching my 7 year old nephew build amazing landscapes and structures in the game MineCraft. I thought to myself, this game is basically a 3D design tool that’s been simplified to the level that a child can create with it. I set out to do something similar but for the web.

Blocs and Brics

So I came up with this easy to understand design concept…

Introducing Solis for Mac, your code editors best friend.

I’ve always been fascinated with the process of building content for the web, I guess that’s why I created Blocs back in 2015. I wanted to try and simplify the process of building a website, so much so, that a child could build a site. Of course the obvious way to do that, was to replace the “complex” coding aspect with something more visual.

So that’s what I did when I designed and developed Blocs, I created the Lego equivalent of a web design tool. …


Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create stunning websites. Start your free trial at www.blocsapp.com

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